A running theme through my photography is my work with comedians who are often well established, but there’s nothing more thrilling to be working with people making there mark in comedy. I first met Susan while working On-Set in the world of Victorian Era Comic Caper Year of the Rabbit, a muted canvas lit by gaslighted and filtered by the clouds of haze being pumped on to set a complete contrast from the rainbow Palette in the pictures I would take of Susan next time we met.


Susan is a current Bafta Rising star and from our first meeting to now we have worked together on several occasions sparking from these pictures which would attract the attention of UK TV where I received a commission working on Porters series 2 and most recently on her semi-autobiographical comedy Love the Sinner.

Year of the Rabbit - Objective Fiction
Year of the Rabbit
Susan Wokoma
Jamie Demetriou

Jamie came into the studio a week before his new comedy Stath lets flats was about to start on Channel 4 where we created a strong set of images to highlight his profile in the run-up to the show

I really enjoyed working with Jamie he reminded me a lot of working with Rich Fulcher always pushing to make the pictures funnier he’s quick-witted and has a great sense visual awareness I love the way in this picture his pose mirrors the lighting Stands.

I had wanted to work with Natasia for a while since
photographing her on the Live Circuit.
So it was great to work with Natasia and her comedy partner
Ellie White to create a poster for there show new show Ellie and Natasia are getting big.
Natasia wanted to create something in stark contrast to
the extreme characters in there show a mixture of the Kardashian’s
and Herb Ritts Calvin Klien Campaigns..

Ellie White and Natasia Demetriou